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Clarify your marketing plan to grow your business.

I help new and existing businesses clarify their marketing message to grow their customer base.

trust is built on a foundation of core values.

Building a brand without understanding your core values is like building a house without a foundation, it will collapse with the first "storm".


Direct Approach

To solve any problem we have to define the problem first. Asking the right questions is an essential skill that requires courage to ask directly and answer freely.


Extreme Ownership

Taking complete ownership of the process allows me to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and look at the problem from the same POV to find the best solution.



The worst coach is the one who had a solution ready even before he/she walked through the door. Vulnerability is a very powerful tool in branding and marketing.


Objections Upfront

If there might be and objection, there will be an objection. Addressing every possible objection upfront is the only way to build a long lasting relationship of trust.



To sacrifice a precious and finite resource without the hope for future repayment is to be generous. Generosity builds trust and benefits all parties equally.


What are yours?

More importantly, do you know why you chose the ones you did and how to make sure that your marketing messages convey those values clearly and effectively?

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Identify your Core Values in 3 steps.
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Building a brand without understanding your core values is like building a house without a foundation, it will collapse with the first "storm".

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Mark Bosnian

Filip helped me clarify who is and is not my ideal client. I stopped trying to market to everyone and my enrollment conversations are now 3x more successful. I’ve doubled my prices and cut down on extra work. I feel way more confident and I actually look forward to meeting with prospective clients once again. After more than 30 years of coaching professionally, I now have many new fun and exciting ways to use my expertise. I see a bigger and better future for my business and I owe all that to Filip!

Karla Wiersema

THANK YOU for all your support. Particularly in the brand development Department. You helped me understand a layer deeper of who I am and that is priceless!

Benjamin Rosen

I realized Filip's approach was working when I doubled my rates while both maintaining my existing and attracting new clients. I found Filip's approach refreshingly clear, straight forward, practical, and very effective at targeting the limiting areas. Filip's approach is very direct and I noticed sizable improvements after our first session. I've worked with Filip for a year and I’m very grateful for Filip's expertise and guidance, I'll continue working with him to keep growing and developing my company.

why should you hire a coach

“Who, exactly, seeks out a coach?… Winners who want even more out of life.”

— Chicago Tribune

definition of the name filip:

"That little something extra that makes you change."

That is exactly who I am—a change maker. If you are not ready for a change then I'm not the right fit for you.
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You can think of branding as the art of communicating your value. The only way to have a strong brand that attracts loyal customers is to have the utmost clarity in who you are and what you stand for.

My job as a coach/consultant is to ask the right questions that help you find the clarity necessary to attract your ideal clients. I will guide you in clarifying your marketing message to eliminate any confusion your potential customers may have when engaging with your brand.

Before making their buying decision, customers need to know three things. They need to know what it is that you offer. How to do business with you. And what do you stand for as a brand. If at any point they get confused, they will move on to one of your competitors.

what to expect

Experience the Benefits of working with me


Confusion in branding and marketing is extremely costly. I'll help you find the necessary clarity to attract new customers and grow your business.


Trying to fulfill your vision without a strategy is like going to a battle blinded. Together we will define a s strategy that will help you achieve your vision.


Often businesses rely on a plan that is too rigid. I'll help you create a flexible plan to make sure you can achieve all your strategic goals and objectives.


My role is to help you create a clear strategic plan that removes confusion and enables you to focus on execution. No more confusion and painful headaches.

Positive impact

You've started your business to have an impact in your life and  community. I'm here to help you maximize that impact through clear branding and marketing


We all strive to have a sense of pride and honor in our work. As a side effect of helping you to maximize the positive impact of your brand you will feel an increased sense of honor.

start today

Getting Started has never been easier.

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"I work with people that strive to have a Positive impact on the lives of others."

The internet is full of advice on how to "get rich quick". If all you are interested in is making a quick profit with out any regard to the environmental impact of your actions, I'm not the right person to work with.

If you want to build a business that leaves a legacy of continuous positive impact. If you want a business that is profitable but does not put profits over kindness, compassion and generosity, then you might be the right fit for me. Let's schedule a call!

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Starting at $299

This is the right fit for you if you want to take your business to the next level, need to pivot into a new direction or want to launch a brand new business.

  • You are committed to grow
  • You have at least 5 hours/week
  • You value quality over quantity
  • You are ready to be a leader
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for established businesses


Call for price

Consults are best for solving one specific problem/objective that your business is facing at this time. Minimum level of engagement is $5000.

  • You want to find new customers
  • You want to solidify your positioning
  • You want to increase engagement
  • You want to strengthen your brand
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Public | Private


$500* – $4000

Your audience is seeking new insights and ways of looking at old problems. They want to build sustainable businesses that have meaningful impact in the world.

  • You want to hear new ideas
  • You promote sustainability
  • You value deep thinking
  • You are ready to be a leader
*speaker’s fee could be waived for certain organizations and non-profits.
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Not quite ready yet? That's Ok!

You should get to know me more before you invest your money.
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