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Branding, marketing and sales don’t have to overwhelm you anymore.

Learn 3 steps you can do right now to grow your business.

How much money have you left on the table because your marketing message hasn’t been clear? Download your FREE PDF to attract more customers today.

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Succeeding in business on your own can be hard.

there are many obstacles in your way…

Knowing what marketing strategy to use is challenging.
Learning how to increase traffic to your website is difficult.
You don’t know how to increase conversion and sales online.
Communicating your value online is difficult and confusing
Asking for more money doesn’t feel right.
No one gave you a plan. No one helps you make decisions.

Let me guide you and your business to the next level. I’ll help you build a stronger brand and communicate your value proposition. You will have a clear strategic plan to execute on, and you won’t have to feel overwhelmed ever again.

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This is the first pillar of your business' success

Bad positioning is hurting your business more than anything else, it creates unnecessary competition and makes it harder for your customers to find you.
Learn how to find a white space in your domain and position your business for success.

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The art of branding is the art of understanding.

Businesses fall in one of three categories:

1. Beautiful logo but poor brand.
2. Poor logo but excellent brand.
3. Great brand with great logo.

What category do you want your business to be in?

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do you know how to clearly Convey your why?

One sure way to lose your customers is to confuse them. Companies that communicate their value clearly win the game.

Learn how to clarify your value proposition and turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

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is your brand sending out confusing signals?

If your brand sends out mixed signals your customers won't make the purchase and it will be detrimental to your bottom line.

Develop the skill of sending out the right message to attract more customers and sales.

The 4 pillars are just the beginning…

Your plan to success.


The Right Fit

The first step is easy and doesn’t cost you anything — give me a call. If we are the right fit for each other we can move on to step #02.



A judge or doctor wouldn’t prescribe any solution without proper diagnosis, I won't either. In order to help you I must understand your situation first.


Strategic solution

You will have a road map and a clear plan to take your business to the next level. No more confusion, no more headaches.

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Customer Stories

Here is what some of my previous clients said about working with me and finding success in their businesses…

Mark Bosnian

Filip helped me clarify who is and is not my ideal client. I stopped trying to market to everyone and my enrollment conversations are now 3x more successful. I’ve doubled my prices and cut down on extra work. I feel way more confident and I actually look forward to meeting with prospective clients once again. After more than 30 years of coaching professionally, I now have many new fun and exciting ways to use my expertise. I see a bigger and better future for my business and I owe all that to Filip!

Karla Wiersema

THANK YOU for all your support. Particularly in the brand development Department. You helped me understand a layer deeper of who I am and that is priceless!

Benjamin Rosen

I realized Filip's approach was working when I doubled my rates while both maintaining my existing clients and attracting new ones. I found Filip's approach refreshingly clear, straight forward, practical, and very effective at targeting all of my limiting areas. Filip is very direct and I noticed sizable improvements after our first session. I've worked with Filip for over a year and I’m very grateful for his expertise and guidance, I'll continue working with him to keep growing and developing my company.

How can you stop feeling overwhelmed and grow your business to the next level?

You’ve read self-help books, attended online seminars, signed-up for teaching platforms and read a countless blog posts on how to do marketing.

But did any of that move the needle of your sales? Did it really help your business?

Online courses, books or blog posts can tell you stories of others' success, but they can’t help you draw connections in your own business. They can tell you the rules, but they can’t help you put them in to practice.

It is different working with a coach(me). First we assess where you and your business stand today and look at where you want to be next.

The second order of business is to create a road map from “now” to “next” and a strategic plan to execute on.

Along the way you will learn the fundamental rules of positioning, branding, marketing and messaging; and how to implement them in your business. Soon you’ll have a clear plan to success.

What's even better is, you won't have to chase after new customers anymore. Your product/service will be recognized as the leader in its category and customers will seek you out.

Stop waisting time and money on DIY resources that just bring more confusion. Give your business a chance to thrive and move to the next level today.

meet in person or on-line via Zoom
access to all documents from any device
checklists, worksheets and assessments
build relationships with powerful allies

More than just a solution to your current problem…

I teach fundamental principals and rules, how to apply them and how to break them. That means that in solving your current problem you will obtain tools to solve your future problems.

“Your problems turn into fun games if you have the right tools in your tool belt.” – Filip Sipos
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Growing your business to the next level.

weekly | bi-weekly | monthly


Starting at $299

This is the right fit for you if you want to take your business to the next level, need to pivot into a new direction or want to launch a brand new business.

  • You are committed to grow
  • You have at least 5 hours/week
  • You value quality over quantity
  • You are ready to be a leader
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for established businesses


Call for price

Consults are best for solving one specific problem/objective that your business is facing at this time. Minimum level of engagement is $5000.

  • You want to find new customers
  • You want to solidify your positioning
  • You want to increase engagement
  • You want to strengthen your brand
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Public | Private


$500* – $4000

Your audience is seeking new insights and ways of looking at old problems. They want to build sustainable businesses that have meaningful impact in the world.

  • You want to hear new ideas
  • You promote sustainability
  • You value deep thinking
  • You are ready to be a leader
*speaker’s fee could be waived for certain organizations and non-profits.
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Not quite ready yet? That's Ok!

You should get to know me more before you invest your money.
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